Wooly World

Wooly World is a new slots game from Microgaming that features a theme inspired by films like Ice Age. Players will engage in low stakes bets as they chase a lucrative jackpot, and they will also be treated to the popular free spin game mode with a unique twist.

Visuals and Presentation

The artists at Microgaming have outdone themselves with the quality of the presentation on this game. The cartoon look makes the game immediately appealing, and every icon, background, and font has been drawn with the utmost attention to detail.

Bright and cheerful colors have been used throughout, from the leafy background littered with flowers, to the colorful creatures on the game icons. Even the high icons Nine to Ace have been given special treatment, and they look like old rock carvings crossed with candy colors.

Icons will amuse players as they look at the Caveman, a primitive Compass, a Wooly Mastodon, and even a primitive looking relative of the Beaver. Not all of the icons are animated, but the Caveman and Wooly the Mastodon do have some especially cute sequences. Wooly will charge forward on his weak and wobbly legs, while the Caveman has his own animation as he erupts in to laughter while smashing his hammer.

Overall the presentation is excellent, and even the lackluster sound effects do little to detract from the good feel that players will get from this game at first glance.


Wooly World is by no means a game for high rollers. The coin sizes range from 0.01 to 0.25, and bets are limited to a total of 200 coins. There are 20 paylines, and the game features the industry standard 5 reel configuration. Players can’t bet everything on a single payline, instead bets need to be spread with a maximum of 10 coins per line.

The game features the typical left to right line matching gameplay, with Wild and Scatter symbol to add some variation. The Wild symbol is represented by the Caveman, and it can be used to make up any symbol on a winning line. The difference in Wooly World to most games is that the Wild can only appear on the second and fourth reels.

The Scatter symbol is none other than Wooly the Mastodon, and if players spin two or more of these a Scatter payout will be given. Wooly is also the trigger for free spins and the bonus game.

Jackpots and Bonuses

The bonuses in Wooly World will be encouraging to new players. One of the more regular bonuses is found when the Wild symbols are used to make a complete line. In this case they will add a 4x multiplier to the payout.

There’s also a free spin mode included, but as a little twist it is matched with a mini game. Players who spin three or more Wooly the Mastodon Scatter symbols will enter free spin mode. Where most games randomly generate the free spin settings, in Wooly World players will play a game to select them. The game displays five ancient animals trapped in ice, and the player selects three of them to go free. The animals will then gift the player a randomized number of free spins. Free spin mode truly is a bonus, because any payouts are doubled. It can even be retriggered by spinning three Scatter symbols from a free spin.

The highest fixed jackpot in Wooly World is 5000 coins, with the secondary jackpot half of that at 2500 coins.

What’s Hot

The addition of a mini game before free spin mode keeps this game fresh, and of course the theme will be a draw for many players. Animations are used to good effect, and the Microgaming software keeps the whole game running smoothly.

What’s Not

The betting range will be too low for some players, and some might argue that a progressive jackpot could have made this slots game even better.

Final Thoughts

With such a fun theme, it’s hard not to like Wooly World. The fact that the game offers a mini game on top of the free spin mode makes it an interesting competitor to the majority of standard slot machine games online. Players that are comfortable with the lower betting range and mid tiered jackpot will surely enjoy a few rounds of online slots with Wooly the Mastodon.