PayDirt Slot

To most people, hitting paydirt is just part of their everyday career. To some, it comes rarely. In whatever form it comes to you, paydirt is significant. Discovering great rewards can be life changing. With paydirt, you can do so many things such as renovate your home, pay for a loved one’s education, purchase a new car, or even go on a well-deserved vacation. If you are one of those who can use a significant amount in your bank account, go online and play the online casino game, PayDirt.

It isn’t too much to ask for some financial boost at one point in your life. You’re a hard worker and winning gives you more gusto in what you do. Gambling can be your ticket to a new business or an out of the country trip. Just play by the rules, know your limit, and you can make your dreams come true with PayDirt.

Hot and Not

When you play PayDirt, you have a chance to win a high fixed reward of 10,000 coins, which is known as a random progressive jackpot. It also has a triple paying wild symbol. As you play, you can choose from three free spins. It also has an Auto Play feature, if you want less interaction with the game.

Just be open to the game’s limited wilds feature. It only allows the wild symbol to appear in Reel 2 and Reel 4.

PayDirt Features

Check out what PayDirt has to offer!

1. Coin Selection and Paylines. You need to choose your coin denomination before you start the game. Do this by clicking the “Bet” button. The available denominations are 5.00, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05, 0.02, and 0.01. You can activate a maximum of 25 paylines. Just manipulate the arrows beside the “Lines” button. The winning combinations pay if they appear in your activated paylines. You can start the game by clicking “Spin” when the settings are complete.

2. Wilds and Scatters. The Golden Nugget is PayDirt’s wild symbol. It can only appear in Reel 2 and Reel 4. This wild increases your payout three times, when it is substituted in a winning combination. Alone, the Golden Nugget does not offer payouts at all. The scatter sign is the PayDirt symbol. You get a scatter payout (multiplied by the bet) when you have at least three of the PayDirt symbol. A prize of 200 coins is the result of having five scatter symbols. Feature games are the activated by at least three scatter symbols.

Three feature games are available. Make sure to pick the PayDirt sign to reveal the game you need to play:

  • Gold Rush—gives 12 free spins; grouped Golden Nuggets appear on a random reel
  • Gold Fever—gives 5 free spins; Golden Nuggets entirely make up Reel 3
  • Strike It Lucky—takes you to the second screen; you get bonus symbols and pick mines in the second screen. You then gain 10 free spins. The bonus symbols you get from these spins serve as wilds.

3. Progressive Jackpot. PayDirt’s jackpot can be hit by anyone at any given time. Here, you have the chance to win 10,000 coins—the highest fixed jackpot. Take note that five Mine symbols have to appear in an activated payline, for you to get this jackpot. A reward of 2,500 coins is the second highest fixed jackpot. You also get this when five Miner symbols in an activated payline. You can access the payout table by clicking “Help”.

PayDirt is an easy game to play. You don’t have to break a sweat in learning its rules. You can also access the audio instructions when you play the feature games. So, go ahead, log on, and hit the PayDirt of your life!