Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword

Thomb raider slot game

Tomb Raider was a hot comic book and movie series, and the movies featured Angelina Jolie. This makes it easy to see why Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword is such a popular slot machine. Not only does it feature Tomb Raider characters, but it also offers great animation and […]

Gypsy Queen

The charm of a gypsy queen can be magical and dangerous at the same time. She moves from place to place. She is adventurous. Each time she visits a place, there is always a chance for her to win the hearts of men and take their money with her if […]

Treasure Nile

Ancient Egypt has been known through the ages for its riches. The Nile was the Egyptian people’s greatest treasure because it made their lives possible. This long river was the primary source of irrigation. They planted crops and raised animals with the help of this great river. They were even […]

Wooly World

Wooly World is a new slots game from Microgaming that features a theme inspired by films like Ice Age. Players will engage in low stakes bets as they chase a lucrative jackpot, and they will also be treated to the popular free spin game mode with a unique twist. Visuals […]

Rock On

Rock n Roll doesn’t die, and hearing a great song on the radio from that era can erase our stress! We turn it up, sing along, and there is a smile on our faces. The memories from rock music will always be there. Perhaps that is why so many enjoy […]