Snow Honeys

Produced by Microgaming, one of the online gaming industry’s largest developers, Snow Honeys is a playfully themed slots game with simple gameplay and a world renowned game engine. Players who are looking for a themed slots experience, without complex rules, may well find what they’re looking for in this game.

Visuals and Presentation

Let’s talk about the name first. Snow Honeys. Whatever the name may make players think of, it actually refers to beautiful women in the snow. The game features a ski resort theme, and icons of animated women in seductive ski outfits. It’s all in the name of some light hearted fun, and both male and female players should find the theme entertaining.

The graphics are crisp and clear, and the developers have opted for a slightly cartoonish look for all of the artwork. Colors are vivid and pop out against the mostly white/blue snowy background, so those who like some exaggerated eye candy with their slots games will be satisfied with this offering from Microgaming.

Sound is an important part of making an online slots game immersive, and Microgaming has delivered authentic spin and win sounds, and even ambient background sounds to emulate the atmosphere of a real casino. Players who prefer to play without sounds have options to toggle them on or off, which is one of the benefits of playing on Microgaming software.


Even with such a well-executed theme, no game could stand on its own without thrilling gameplay. Those who have played other online slots games will feel right at home with the interface on Snow Honeys, with the developers showing their experience and expertise with the easy to use menus, betting buttons, and clear game layout.

Quick Spin is a feature that many will appreciate. This feature allows players to speed up the reels as they’re spinning. It’s great for those who aren’t interested in watching the games graphics, or for those who only have a short time to play a round of slots.

A welcome variation to the norm is the addition of an extra scatter symbol in Snow Honeys. This gives players more chances to win, and either of the two scatter symbols will payout no matter if the payline is enabled or not. The addition of the extra symbol does come at a cost however, because there are no wild symbols featured in the game.

There’s also a bonus mini game included, offering players the chance to pelt the game characters with virtual snowballs. Players get to choose three targets, and each will reveal a randomized bonus.

There are 20 playlines to bet on, and bets are limited to 200 in game coins. Denominations run from 0.01 to 0.50, so no one should mistake Snow Honeys for a ‘high roller bets’ type of game.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Aside from the bonus mini game, there’s also a unique free spin mode. The free spins players are awarded are randomized, but range from 20 to 30. The multiplier can be up to 5x, so there is a chance to receive a good payout when in free spin mode.

The maximum jackpots in this game are low compared to the average slots game, with fixed bonuses of just 4000 and 1000.

What’s Hot

The theme has to be given credit for offering something unique, and also for being unapologetically playful. The adjustable spin speed and rewarding free spin mode are also high points.

What’s Not

Substituting a wild symbol for an extra scatter symbol reduces the chance of scoring a perfect line, and the low maximum bet won’t appeal to some players.

Final Thoughts

Snow Honeys is a strong offering, and both new players and veterans will find some things to keep them playing. Whether it’s with the rewarding bonus game, the particularly generous free spin mode, or even the twist of having two scatter symbols instead of one, Snow Honeys shows that even with some limitations, a basic online slots game can still be a lot of fun.