Franken Cash Slot

A bolt of lightning flashes across the sky. As it strikes the castle, a jolt of electricity flows along wires. Then Franken Cash rises to life. His goal is to reward you generously. Created by Micogaming, Franken Cash is one of the leading monster games available in your favorite online casino.

This title features a five reel game that has 20 pay lines across it. Players can bet up to a maximum of 200 coins and try their luck and bringing the titular monster to life. The theme continues to each of the tiles that include monsters, mad scientists and haunted houses. Everything is drawn in a ghoulish manner and backs a haunting soundtrack to add to the creep factor.

What is perhaps unique about this game, is that there are two different scatter symbols. Each triggers a different event to transpire. The game also features two different bonus games, one of which gives players a generous number of free spins.

While playing Franken Cash, the attention to detail will become very apparent. The game has been streamlined to ensure that players have the best experience possible. No matter if playing in regular or expert mode, players will experience the true essence of the game without any flaws or bugs along the way.

In expert mode, there is an Auto Play feature. Players have the chance to decide on a set wager and number of spins. With a click of the button, the game will continue to play through until the number of spins has been met, or the player chooses to cancel auto play.

What’s Hot?

  • Two Impressive Bonus Games
  • A Well Planned Theme
  • Auto Play Mode

What’s Not Too Hot?

  • No Wild Symbols in the Game
  • No Additional Free Spins in Bonus Game
  • No Bonus Gambles with Wins

As mentioned, Franken Cash does have two different scatter symbols. These symbols don’t have to be lined up to win. All it takes is having the electric chair and switch symbols on the game and the scatter bonus is achieved.

As for bonus games, if you land two electric chairs the first bonus games appear. The second is when three or more switches appear on the reels. Both must be consecutive from left to right on the reel, but do not need to touch.

In the first bonus game, a series of voltage meters are displayed. Players must choose three of the twelve. Behind each is a multiplier that gives you an instant win. The maximum win in this game is 120 times the original amount bet. So choose carefully and have fun.

A free spins bonus is also available. During this bonus all wins are doubled. If you match three or more bonus items in a row, you do receive a bonus multiplier on top of this. That gives you better potential earnings.

Franken Cash is the perfect game for those looking to enjoy a scary good time. Find it online at your favorite casino and have a terrifyingly good time.