Monster Meteors

Players wanting to take a trip to space will find that there’s some invading aliens ready to greet them in Monster Meteors, a new online slots game from Microgaming. This game is easy to understand, runs on industry leading software, and provides just enough in betting options and jackpots to keep things interesting for a variety of players.

Visuals and Presentation

Monster meteors is built around a fun theme featuring an outer space backdrop where meteors are hurtling towards the earth. The reel icons are made up of a variety of aliens, meteors, and the standard high symbols Nine to Ace.

Graphics are well drawn and clear, as players can expect from a Microgaming slots game, however the animations are sparse so the game lacks some of the polish that veteran slots players will be used to. This doesn’t affect the gameplay, but players may find the game less immersive because of this.

Sound is used effectively to indicate spins, bonuses, and payouts, but again there’s nothing outside of the ordinary to make this game stand out from other online slot machines. The overall theme creates a pleasant outer space feel, but it’s not on par with some of the more inventive games available.


Monster Meteors uses a standard five reel layout where players will need to line up symbols from left to right on an active payline. There are 25 paylines in total, so gameplay is simple for beginners and advanced players. The coins available for betting run from 0.01 to 0.10, and there’s a maximum total bet of 250 coins. This makes it clear that this is a game for new players and low rollers.

Players can choose how many paylines are active, with an option to enable them in increments of five. There’s an autoplay option available for those looking for a quick round of slots.

Microgaming have gone with the industry standard Wild and Scatter symbols to add variation to basic play. The wild symbol can be used to make up lines of other matching symbols, and can also initiate a jackpot payout. The scatter symbol can appear anywhere and will trigger a bonus mini game and free spins mode.

Jackpots and Bonuses

This game is a little different to most entry level slots games in the way that it offers a mini game as well as free spins mode. When players spin three or more scatter symbols they will initiate the bonus sequence.

The bonus round is known as the Meteor Feature. Players will need to select three of five on screen monsters, who will be zapped by a soldier to protect the earth from invasion. Each of the chosen monsters will result in an instant coin bonus, an increased multiplier, or will credit a number of free spins to the player. Once in free spin mode there is a standard 3x multiplier added to all payouts.

The fixed jackpot is a mid-ranged 5000 coins, and players who win the secondary jackpot will receive 3000 coins. These jackpots are triggered by making up lines of the Wild symbol.

Monster Meteors also features the popular gamble feature. Players will be able to gamble their winnings on a simple guessing game. Bets can be made on a 50/50 outcome of a red or black card to double wins, or players can choose the suit of the random card for a chance to quadruple their win.

What’s Hot

It’s good to see a secondary jackpot that is not so far off the highest fixed jackpot, because it creates a good opportunity for players to win more coins. The addition of the gamble feature makes the game more exciting without overcomplicating gameplay.

What’s Not

The limited animations in the game mean that the visuals can become stale after extend play time, and there’s no progressive jackpot, which reduces the longevity of this game.

Final Thoughts

Monster Meteors provides simple gameplay, more bonus features than the average entry level slots game, and a big enough fixed bonus to keep players interested. While it doesn’t provide anything exceptional when it comes to presentation, it’s still a good option for new players, and even experienced players who want to have fun with a low stakes online slots game.