Boogie Nights

Online casino gaming has grown in popularity over the last few years and now has a wide following all around the globe. Many people enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing the slots in the comfort of their own homes without the distractions of a real-life casino. The Boogie Nights online video slot game is another great offering by Wizard Gaming. Although Wizard Gaming has not been a part of the online video gaming scene as long as some other, more well-established gaming software developers, its games are enjoying a healthy popularity among online casino gaming enthusiasts. This particular game offers players the use of multiple Scatter symbols as well as the Bonus arcade game. The graphics are outstanding and are bright and colorful. Unfortunately, some of the payouts are not all that great.

Players have the option to use the auto-play feature that is available. This is a handy feature that is often found in online casino slot games designed and produced by other software game developers, and which has proven to be a popular feature. It allows the player the opportunity to continue playing the game even when they are not interacting with the software. Furthermore, although the sounds and soundtrack in the Boogie Nights video slot game are great, the player also has the option to disable the soundtrack and sounds during game play if they wish. Unfortunately, there is no option to speed up the game play. The user interface is easy to manage and is conveniently structured to ensure smooth functionality.

The theme of the Boogie Nights online casino slot game is the times and culture of the 1980s, which has proved to be hugely popular. It makes for a very colorful and fun atmosphere that the developers of the game used to full advantage. Boogie Nights kicks into action once the player has clicked on the “Spin” button. This button is situated at the bottom of the user interface and on the right hand side of the screen. There is a Bonus symbol that can show up on any of the reels and in any position. When three or more of the Bonus Dancing Can symbols appear, the Bonus free spins round is automatically launched and players are awarded with 15 free spins.

During the Bonus free spins round, any winnings are automatically doubled. Unfortunately, further free spins cannot be triggered during the Bonus free spins round. However, this is not the only Bonus game offered in the Boogie Nights online casino slot game. There is also the Bonus arcade game. This game is automatically triggered whenever the Rubik’s Cube symbol turns up on the reels, however, the symbol must appear on the first, second and third reels. During the Bonus arcade game, the player is confronted with 5 buttons. Upon selecting the button of their choice they will receive a bonus payout, assuming luck is on their side, of course.

The Boogie Nights video slot game has 15 paylines which is not as many as some other slot games available. Players can wager 10 coins per payline and the maximum bet is $150. This means that this particular video slot game is more suitable for low rollers and perhaps also mid rollers. Players are only awarded payouts when combos arise on an activated payline. This vibrantly colored and fun game has an air of nostalgia about it that makes it all the more enjoyable to play and adds an irresistible charm that ensures that is appealing to a large audience. Of course, those that consider themselves to be high rollers are likely to find that the rather limited coin denomination and maximum wager amount are not to their liking. Nevertheless, for those that just want to enjoy some online casino slot gaming, the Boogie Nights video slot game by Wizard Gaming is certainly a great choice.