Magic Spell

Fans of magic and the arcane who are interested in online slots gaming would do well to check out Magic Spell. This new offering from Microgaming promises a feature packed experience, a mysterious and magical theme, and high quality graphics and sounds from one of the biggest developers in the business.

Visuals and Presentation

Those who are interested in spooky spells, magic beings, and all things fantasy will love the theme that Microgaming has developed for Magic Spell. The backgrounds are dark, and the elements within the game are all surrounded by a fitting blue neon glow. It makes for a great effect, and the cartoony graphics help to give the game a lighthearted feel.

The black background helps all of the graphics to pop out on screen, and everything has been beautifully drawn. There are some subtle animations which keep the experience from being static, and when players spin the reels everything remains fluid. This is thanks to the experience Microgaming has with developing countless online slots games. Icons are especially colorful and creative, and all are based on magic and Halloween. Players will find skeletons, werewolves, witches, and more.

Sound effects have been used in this game to complement the theme. Players will be treated to eerie footsteps and other ominous sound bytes. The only effects that offer an escape from the creepy atmosphere are the congratulatory bells and coin drops when players strike it lucky on a winning line.

It all makes for an immersive experience, which is highly important for an online casino game.


Bets in this game can be made with coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 1.00, and there are 25 paylines to bet on across the game’s five reels. Bets are capped at a maximum of 200 coins.

The basics are present in Magic Spell, so regular players will feel right at home with the Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol can make up for any other symbol on a winning line, while the Scatter symbol offers payouts on any line.

The basic gameplay is not at all confusing. Players will place bets, spin the reel, match lines left to right on an enabled payline, and then smile as they watch their payout increase.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Magic Spell is one of the more feature packed games that Microgaming offers, which can mean a slight learning curve for new players. There are two bonus games included, which helps to increase the excitement and the replay value.

The first bonus game can be triggered when players spin the reels to match the letters that spell MAGIC. Players will then be able to select from one of the letters to reveal whether they’ve found a key or not. What’s so special about this key? Well, it will open up the next bonus game.

The second bonus game offers some real rewards, so players who locate the key are in for a treat. Set in a magical library, the second game pits players against a magical squirrel who sends his magic books flying in to the air. Choosing one of these books will reveal a randomized prize, after which players will be taken back to the main game.

The maximum fixed jackpot is quite modest at only 2000 coins, and the secondary jackpot is a close 1500 coins. Although low, this means that players are likely to receive payouts more frequently.

What’s Hot

The theme is truly fun, and it will take players to a magical fantasy world. Having two bonus games is a definite plus, and it means that this game offers more than most of the competition.

What’s Not

Adding an additional bonus game could confuse some players, and the lack of a progressive jackpot could be a disappointment for some.

Final Thoughts

Low jackpots and a maximum bet of 200 mean that Magic Spell is not a game for the high stakes players, however that’s not at all what it intends to be. It is a fun and upbeat online slots game that encourages smaller bets and extra bonus features to increase longevity. Beginners need not fear the additional features, because after a short learning curve this game offers plenty of fun.