Mad Hatters

f you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then you are familiar with the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter is a hat maker, who has a unique personality. He is always depicted in the Alice stories as the one who entertains guests at gatherings, such as tea parties. The […]

Sunset Showdown

Anyone familiar with video slot games is also probably aware that Microgaming is one of the big industry leaders who design and develop some of the world’s best loved video slot games today. Sunset Showdown, set in the Wild West, is yet another excellent slot game from this well-known company, […]

PayDirt Slot

To most people, hitting paydirt is just part of their everyday career. To some, it comes rarely. In whatever form it comes to you, paydirt is significant. Discovering great rewards can be life changing. With paydirt, you can do so many things such as renovate your home, pay for a […]

Dolphin Tale

Are you ready to take a trip beneath the sea? If so, your first stop should be the Dolphin Tale slot machine. It might not be kid friendly, but the incredible graphics and top of the line animations will make you feel like one again, and you will agree that […]