Deposits and Withdrawals at New Zealand Casinos

Deposits and Withdrawals

Have you ever wondered why most online casinos require you to be 18 years of age to gamble? The reason for this is that under age gamblers don’t have bank accounts hence they cannot gamble with real money.

Payment options are very crucial when selecting New Zealand online casinos especially if you are looking forward to gamble with real money. Of course, there are other factors which are considered when choosing the best NZ gambling site. However, how good is a casino to you if it has a wide variety of games with great payout odds but has unreliable payment options?

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Banking options (deposit and withdrawal methods) can really affect your gambling experience at a site. This is why you should always understand the methods used to make deposits and withdrawals plus the minimum deposits and withdrawals. Don’t always be lured by sign up bonuses and promotions.

Most players will go to casinos which offer huge bonuses and allow minimum deposits. Yes, this is a very compelling offer. However, even if such casinos allow you to make minimum deposits, they might have very high minimal withdrawal limits. This will make it hard for you to reach this limit and at times you might end up using all your winnings to gamble.

The best New Zealand casinos will always have a balance between deposit and withdrawal limits. This means, it should have a relatively low withdrawal and deposit amount plus some generous incentives. Luck seems to follow New Zealand gamblers. There is a good number of friendly banking options to New Zealand players. Therefore, carry out some research by attending some casino forums or reading through our reviews before making real money deposits.

Important tips to know about deposits and withdrawals

  • Most online casinos will never charge you for making deposits or withdrawals. You will only incur some costs if you involve third party states in your transactions. Wire transfer is so far the most expensive option for making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Always rely on trusted and secure payment options. This will not only ensure that you receive your money, but will also protect your financial information from leaking to scammers.
  • If you are planning to use your winnings, ensure that you are conversant with the withdrawal processing time of the casino. Some casinos will process withdrawals almost instantly while others will take 3-4 business days.
  • People who tend to over spend their money at online casinos should have at least two bank accounts. One of these accounts should only be for gambling money while the others for personal use.

Banking Options

Now, you should take a look at banking options present at the casino. A wide majority of New Zealand online casinos have many options of making payments. Today, E-wallets are preferred by online gamblers due to their simplicity, privacy (you don’t have to share your personal information) and are cheap (they charge zero to very small fees). The most common types e-wallets for new Zealanders are; Neteller, PayPal, Click2Pay and Skrill.

Skrill is a very popular online payment option for both deposits and withdrawals. A few years back, it was known as Moneybookers. To use this e-wallet, you will only need to submit your email address and verify it belongs to you and you are good to go.

Neteller is another amazing e-wallet which is suitable for making withdrawals. They process withdrawals instantly, use advanced security measures and charge small transaction fees.

PayPal is the most famous online payment system. It has been here for a long time hence most people are comfortable using it. However, it is not used by all ambling sites due to their long withdrawal processing time. For instance, it takes 5-7 business days for the money to reflect on your bank account.

Click2Pay is gaining popularity among e-wallets probably because it links with your bank or credit card account. This makes deposits and withdrawals fast and easy.

There are other payment options which might not have been mentioned on this page. Always ensure that any payment option used is trustworthy and has a good reputation. New Zealand and Australian players might consider using POLi program to make payments.

Final Verdict

After finding an online casino which meets your deposit and withdrawal requirements, you should make a deposit. You can always go over the minimum deposit limit. Some sites offer match bonuses which can be huge depending on your deposit. However, always keep your deposits within limits that you enjoy playing with. Don’t bet with more than you can afford.

Also, remember that online casino games are supposed to be fun. Don’t be so serious when playing. Relax, have a good time, make some little money and cash it out. Good casinos will always assist you in making withdrawals and deposits. Some sites will require you to verify your identity before approving a withdrawal. This is just a security measure against rogues.

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