Cluedo Slots

Cluedo is one of the world’s most popular board games. It seems fitting then that it should be the basis for one of the world’s favorite casino games: online slots. Cluedo has been developed by WagerWorks, a premium slots developer. Let’s see if the company was able to take this much loved franchise and turn it in to an exciting and worthwhile slots experience.

Visuals and Presentation

WagerWorks has less than 100 slot machine games to their name, and this low output is largely responsible for the quality in their offerings.

Cluedo is quite simply one of the best looking, and most well designed online slots games on the market. Just like in the board game, players will aim to solve a murder mystery, linking six suspects and six weapons to the crime. All of the familiar names can be found here. Characters like Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, and Miss Scarlet are all realized in fully detailed and high quality artwork. The visuals have higher production values than the average slots game, and have a lot in common with high budget video games.

Every symbol in the game has been animated in gorgeous detail. Whether it’s the twirl of a moustache or the rotating of a newspaper, things never appear static on screen.

Music has also been used to excellent effect. The mysterious and eerie tunes produce the perfect atmosphere, and winning combination sounds are exciting, and unique music is even used during these sequences.

Overall the presentation defies typical standards, and will impress anyone who gives this game a spin.


Cluedo features a fixed coin value. Bets can be placed in 1.00 coin increments, and the maximum bet is 75 coins. There are 15 paylines, which keeps things accessible without sacrificing variation on the bets that can be made. There are five reels in the game, which is essentially the industry standard at this point in time. Cluedo offers a free-play mode which makes it even easier for beginners to learn the ropes.

There’s no scatter symbol in the game. Instead there is a standard Wild symbol, and a bonus Cluedo logo symbol. The Wild symbol acts as it would in any slot game, by completing other combinations. It can also trigger a payout. The Cluedo logo symbol triggers a secondary bonus, and the Wild can be used in conjunction with the Cluedo symbol to complete lines.

Regular payouts are won by lining up symbols left to right on an enabled payline

Jackpots and Bonuses

Perhaps the best feature to be found is the ‘Who Won It?’ bonus game. The game is triggered when three bonus symbols appear on a payline. In the bonus round players will see all suspects, murder locations, and weapons laid out on a board. A magnifying glass will move over each section to reveal two coin values and a multiplier. This is then calculated to provide a bonus. The player can choose to reject the first and second bonus options, but has to accept the third. It’s a fun break from the standard slots game, and if players make the right choices they can win some worthwhile bonuses.

The main fixed jackpot in Cluedo will be a big draw for many players. It tops at 25,000 coins, which is one of the highest jackpots available in any online slots game. It can be won by lining up five Wild symbols on a payline. The secondary jackpot is only 2500, but even so it is a significant win considering the max bet of 75.

What’s Hot

Almost everything about this game! It is seriously that good. The full animation found throughout the game, the huge jackpot, and the multiple winning combinations make it an exciting twist on the Cluedo board game.

What’s Not

Some players may be disappointed that there’s no free spin mode, and there’s also no progressive jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Progressive jackpot and free spins aside, this game has everything that players could ask from an online slots game. The fact that everything is presented in such a beautiful package makes it even more appealing. Players of all levels will have a blast spinning the reels and solving crimes. With the chance of a 25,000 coin jackpot, who wouldn’t want to play this game?