Treasure Nile

Ancient Egypt has been known through the ages for its riches. The Nile was the Egyptian people’s greatest treasure because it made their lives possible. This long river was the primary source of irrigation. They planted crops and raised animals with the help of this great river. They were even able to produce more than they could eat in one harvest. This is the reason they had time to improve their lives more.

That was why Pharaohs ruled their people with the Nile. The treasures it brought the Egyptians back then was vital to their livelihood and their overall survival. Since the Nile was such a valuable component in the progress of every Pharaoh’s rule, gaming designers brought it to the online gaming world through Treasure Nile. With this slot game, you may have the chance to become Pharaoh-like when it comes to large winnings.

Hot and Not

Let us face it! The Egyptian theme is hot. Power, riches, and beauty are all incorporated in it. With Treasure Nile, you can enjoy the grandeur of Egypt as you play. This slot game has a progressive jackpot. It also gives you great payouts for the regular symbols and winning combos that can move right to left or left to right.

On the downside, Treasure Nile only has nine paylines. It does not have a premium payout or every five wilds, Gamble Bonus Games, or a Free Spins Game.

What Treasure Nile Offers

Treasure Nile has the following game features that can make your gaming experience more rewarding:

  1. Wilds. The Wild Pyramids are the wild symbols in this slot game. They can complete winning combinations, except for the scatters. Take note that this wild symbol cannot be a multiplier for winning combinations.
  2. Scatters. The scatter symbol in Treasure Nile is the Scarab. At least three Scarabs anywhere on your five reels can give you a winning combination. In the end, you get a scatter payout.
  3. Coin sizes and paylines. Remember that the only coin size in Treasure Nile is 0.50. Only nine paylines are available. The paylines have a limit of nine coins. You can click on the Bet Max button at the bottom of the screen and bet up to 4.50 USD.
  4. Progressive jackpot. This starts at 40,000 USD. You become eligible for this when all nine paylines are activated and the nine coins are wagered. In a progressive jackpot, you can be sure that the prize will keep accumulating until someone wins it. Win this jackpot by getting five Pharaohs on your ninth payline. When you win, everyone who plays the game knows about it immediately.
  5. High-end software. Microgaming makes it possible for Treasure Nile to have many desirable features such as excellent sound and speed. Gamers like you want only the best gambling experience. With that, Microgaming created Treasure Nile as a user-friendly, secure, and safe game.
  6. Simple. Treasure Nile is an easy slot game. You don’t have to review its rules repeatedly. If you have more questions about it, all you need to do is consult the comprehensive help files provided by Microgaming.
  7. Great sounds and graphics. The game has clear sounds that make your experience much more pleasing. Both graphics and sounds relate to the Egyptian theme, but the graphics need to be clearer. If you do not want any sounds when you play, feel free to turn them off.
  8. Detailed concept. You can expect elements of Egypt in Treasure Nile. Designers made sure you get pyramids, gold, the pharaohs, the sphinx, and much more. It is not an original theme, but you can make it your unique gaming experience.

Treasure Nile is a slot game you can enjoy at any given time. Try your luck and perhaps you can be a Pharaoh for a day or two!