Gold Series Atlantic City

When it comes to online video casino software, Microgaming is a name synonymous with excellence and creativity. The Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack game is one of a number of similar games that were released by this gaming software company and which have quickly become very popular with video casino games enthusiasts the world over. As is to be expected with most of the games in the Gold Series, this video Blackjack game is made up of outstanding graphics that are colorful, vivid and realistic. The game is also packed with useful and convenient features and customization options which all help to ensure player satisfaction.

The Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack casino game offers players a choice of game speeds, sound control and other game options. This puts a lot of individualistic control in the hands of the players, allowing them to customize the game to their personal preferences. What is more, certain features make the game more flexible as well, such as the auto-play feature. This feature is a signature feature of many of Microgaming’s online casino games. The auto-play feature enables players to set their game parameters and then tackle other tasks while the game continues to operate. This means that they do not have to physically interact with the software at all times, adding a level of convenience that players at a real casino obviously do not get to enjoy.

Even though there are functions and conveniences available in the Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack video game that are lacking in the real world casino, the game is nevertheless designed to resemble a real Blackjack game at a real Blackjack table in a real Atlantic City casino. Another great thing about this game is that it is notoriously easy to play. Even the novice Blackjack player can quickly pick up the rules and nuances of the game and soon be placing bets and using strategies that will produce winnings as they watch the Dealer bust or achieve a Blackjack with the hand they are dealt.

The Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack online casino game has easy to follow rules that will not confuse players. There is an Expert mode available, which is yet another feature common with many of Microgaming’s online video casino games. There is also a great deal of sound options as well, which help to bring the excitement and feel of the real casino into the player’s home. This particular version of the game functions at a somewhat slower pace than what players may already be accustomed to and only one hand is dealt at a time. This might be a bit frustrating for more seasoned players or those familiar with other Microgaming Blackjack games that offer more than one hand per round.

This version of the online Blackjack game is played using eight decks of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled at the start of every new round. This is called a random shuffle and ensures that the cards are not in any kind of predetermined sequence or order. The basic purpose of the game is the same as usual. The player’s objective is to beat the Dealer. This is achieved by either obtaining a total of 21, which is a Blackjack, or a total that is less than 21 but higher than the Dealer’s total. When the Dealer exceeds the total of 21 they are said to bust, thereby making the player the winner of the round.

Players have the choice to split their cards if they are of the same numerical value. This means they then play with two hands. If the player chooses not to split a pair, he or she might choose to double down. Players can take insurance which costs half the amount wagered and can be exercised when the Dealer shows that they have an Ace.

With so many features and customizations available, Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack is a great way for beginners to learn the game and have fun doing so.